Monday, October 14, 2013

Some thoughts for 2014

With winter around the corner it is time to really think about the coming season and begin looking at signing up for races that tend to fill up early. My mind has been jumping back and forth on the Rideau Run FKT attempt and the option of holding off one more year for more trail specific training. What has tilted the balance to waiting until 2015 was the recent 112.8km completion of the Ottawa Self Transcendence 24 hour.

 Photo From Ottawa Self Transcendence Race

While I was happy with the distance a few issues popped up during the race that has me thinking a bit more work would make the Rideau attempt more probable of success and even more importantly that I can enjoy the run...ok how can you enjoy 320km in 60 hours is a valid question but the other side of the coin is trying this and failing and deciding I hate running because the attempt was just too painful.

So for now the plan for 2014 will be as follows

February - Winterman Half Marathon (dependent on date we pick for a trip to Cuba)
May - Courons Gatineau Half Marathon
May - Sulphur Springs Trail Ultra (50 miles)
July - Limberlost Ultra (56km)
August - Dirty Girls 48 hour
October - Mad Trapper (50km)

Along with these races in April or Early May I would like to do the Rideau Trail Smith Falls to Ottawa component (100+km) or the Veloroute des Draveurs trail from Maniwaki to Wakefield (100km). The Veloroute des Draveurs could make the perfect Birthday run!!

Finally in the late Fall I would like to run the Prescott Russel Rail Trail from Rigaud back to its terminus near Mer Bleu (100+km).

So that is where my thinking is right now.

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