Saturday, December 1, 2012

Isn't modern technology wonderful

Well I now can post via my iPod touch. This should make things much easier.

Product Review - Salomon Twin Belt

Product: Salomon Twin Belt

I remember the first time I picked up my fully packed Salomon Twin Belt and thought that I had made a terrible purchase. Sure the quality of the product looked fine and everything seemed to be made to a high standard, but with two filled water bottles, a Blackberry, MP3 player, 3 gel packs and gummy bears, ID, money and a credit card, the thing weighed what seemed like a ton as I went to put it on. Once on however, and with two simple adjustments to the tightness around the waist, it actually didn’t feel too bad. A few jumps up and down in place ensured everything was seated correctly and I was ready to go. I had picked out a route with two return possibilities in case the Twin Belt ended up being more of a burden than a benefit. But after 5km there was no chaffing, minimal bounce and certainly every reason to not end the run too soon. So on I went. For most people running with a water belt seems overkill. But the freedom of carrying your own water can give you many more options in terms of routes and distance since you are not relying on a corner store stop every 5km or so. Plus with both liquid and solid food carried on your person, you become a rolling water station and can eat or hydrate when you want to and not when a stop is made available to you.

Taking a close look at the Salomon Twin Belt you will be amazed at the simplicity in the idea yet Salomon has taken this simplicity and made it a very useful tool. If there is anything that really takes getting use to is the shape of the water bottles. Salomon uses their 3D water bottle design. Instead of the round cylinder we are so used to the Salomon 3D is triangular. At first this seems odd and anatomically impractical for hands that seem to naturally cup things. But in your hands the 3D water bottle feels, well, natural. The added bonus to the 3D bottle is that it is holstered into the Twin Belt with ease. Stitching and finish are also done to a high standard and with 1000km of use my Salomon Twin Belt still works as well as it did on the first kilometer of use.

While the Salomon Twin Belt may not be for every runner, it certainly will be a useful part of your running kit if you like to run trails or rural roads, or if you are a person who likes to have both water and an electrolyte drink available to them on their runs. In summary the Salomon Twin Belt will only add enjoyment to you runs and will become an indispensible tool in your training. On a scale of 1 to 10 the Salomon Twin Belt is a strong 9. 
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Year in Review

The end of 2012 is almost here and it was an amazing year of running. I hit some of my goals; 50 mile ultra, but failed on a few others; Limberlost. In the end though I was happy at what happened relating to running. 2012 was also a bit of a topsy turvy year with work and while I have been good at keeping work and running seperate it is certain that one impacts and effects the other.

I have not been diligent in the blog thing either because I was having a miserable time logging on. So hopefully moving over to a new e-mail address and login for the blog will help keep things moving.

On another front I am part of the iRun product test team so will use this blog to provide feedback on products I use both for the test team and things that I buy, running related, that I think others should know about.

So that is it for now. Stay tuned for more in the coming days and weeks.