Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Year - Some old issues

Well it has been another month, and now a new year and I still need to rehash the past to get up to date.

So let's start with Venice!!!

Venice is a runners nightmare. But as with some nightmares they are just too good to miss! Running along the canals, over bridges, and through squares that are, in some cases 500 years old (or older) is a sensation that cannot be described. The problem with Venice is the people and the ease at which you can get lost. Case in point is a 1 hour run below.

The back and forth and overlap of the run was not done on purpose. At one point I ran through the Iconic St. Marks Square thinking I was heading in the right direction. Ten minutes later I was at the square again. This had led me to consider two rules for running in Venice (without a doubt Joanne and I will be back to this city soon). The first is run early in the morning. To beat the crowds you have to get up at 6:00 and finish the run by 7:30. After that the more touristy spots start filling up and running becomes and obstacle course - left around the germans, through the americans, say hi to the ausies (they are the nice tourists), jump over a pigeon (also how attractive women are refereed to) and get screamed at by the purse sellers...Ahhh Venice. The second rule is not to have a defined course. Trying to get from point a to b then to c and d is just frustrating. Instead head off in a direction to a spot then just follow your instincts back to wherever you want to go. It is as much a discovery as a run.

So that was Venice in a nutshell.

I will skip the Algonquin Park run from October. Suffice it to say that on the two trails I did I had a wonderful time. I also came to the conclusion that trail running is a lot more enjoyable that road running so will try to concentrate on trails this summer.

For 2011 I have come up with a training plan that will get me into shape for the following four races:
Winterman Half Marathon - February
Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon - May
Limberlost Challenge - July
Self Transcendence Run 12hour - September

So that is the plan for this year. I am also thinking now that 2012 will be the year I try the Canadian Death Challenge and maybe a 100 mile event. So we will see how this years running goes and make that decision in January 2012

Off for a run (-17 windchill and blowing snow - BRRRRR)